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anyki is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘to belong’

Eleni Mavrovouniotis is a designer & illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia who combines freelance and consulting work under her business name anyki.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design together with a background in forecasting trends and illustration - Eleni's illustration skills have always led the way. Integrating her signature illustration style within colour, texture and design, the aim is to bestow a unique sense of ‘belonging’ to all facets of design.


Design & Illustration

  • Fashion Illustration
  • Range Illustration
  • Hand Drawn Product Illustration
  • Kids Illustration
  • Handwritting
  • Textile Design

"Owning your signature illustration style is irreplaceable.
Being different will invariably astonish as well as belong."

Eleni Mavrovouniotis


If you would like to say yassou Eleni regarding any queries, freelance opportunities, collaborations, or commissioned works, please contact me below or eleni at anyki.com.